Need expert help with a story pitch, essay, proposal, or full-length book project? Need a writing coach to help you with clarifying goals, crafting pitches, setting rates, or reviewing your work before you send it out? Need actionable advice about how to break into writing for the Web, for print, or in general? Need tips on getting an agent, drafting a proposal, or landing a book deal? Need feedback on an essay, op-ed, article, or freelance pitch before you hit Send? Need a ghostwriter?

I offer 30-minute ($50) and 60-minute ($100) phone or Skype coaching sessions. Rates are negotiable and TBD for longer projects.

As a veteran freelance writer, editor, and author, I’ve written and edited bestselling books, as well as feature articles, book proposals, Web copy, sponsored content, blog posts, press releases, white papers, UI text, and more.

Please reach out to discuss what you’re looking for.

Client Testimonials:

Thank you, so much, for being witness to my story. ...You, my lady, are supremely good at your job. You have such a soft hand, such an open spirit and the ability to morph and adapt as needed. I am really proud of the words you put-in-my-mouth,’ so to speak, and the ones I put in yours, so to speak. It's been a joy and a pleasure.” - Evangeline Lilly, 2018

"I've worked with Laura for several years and she's helped me become a much stronger writer. As someone who's taken online writing classes/workshops, Laura is the best editor/instructor I've had. With her help, I've landed bylines at national publications, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, New York Magazine and The Science of Us [New York magazine]. I highly recommend her coaching/editing services!" - Anonymous coaching client, 2019

“From the bottom of my heart, Laura, thank you for your patience and care with this project.” - Anonymous ghostwriting client, 2017

Random Accolades:

“Laura Barcella is a zesty, powerful writer and human. Funny and ferociously real.” - Caroline Kepnes (via Instagram)